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American Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Lead Free DZR Brass Body
Working Pressure:0.1bar-5bar
Cold water temperature:4-27
Hot water temperature:55-82
Mixing water temperature range:35-46
Temperature adjustable precision:2
Factory setting temperature:40.6±2
CUPC & NSF & Lead Free Certification


    American Lead Free TMV is a thermostatic mixing valve with the function of anti-scalding, which can supply the mixing water for the user at a constant temperatue. Comparing with other TMVs, the standard of this TMV complies with is different and the material of the copper of which water goes through is lead free.
Technical Specification:

Model: 1/2NPT, 3/4NPT;
Standard complying with: ASSE1070, CSAB125.3;
Working pressure: 0.1bar-5bar;
Cold water temperature: 4-27 ℃;
Hot water temperature: 55-82℃;
Mixing water temperature range: 35-46 ℃;
Temperature adjustable precision: 2 ℃;
Factory setting temperature: 40.6 ℃;

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