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High quality guaranteed by our brand and sincere customer service.

First class designers
Experienced professional management team
Our products: using high quality raw materials, with excellent design, fine workmanship, strictly following the standard control process.

Research and Development

Technology and innovation are the core elements of Edison’s research and development. Besides our full manufacturing capability in house, Edison has strong mechanic and electronic engineering team in both software design and hardware development. With technology expertise, we listen to our customer and strive to provide design and manufacturing service exceeding our customer’s expectation.
  • hardware engineer

  • structural engineer

  • software engineer

  • Commissioning Engineer

SMT(Automation equipments)

Production Capabilities

From raw material forming, brass casting, forging, zinc die casting, CNC machining, plating, calibration, SMT and electronic products assembling in a Class 100,000 cleanroom, Edison has full range of European industrial standard production processes in house, and we are aiming to provide competitive quality products with 100% on time in full delivery service.

Printing and carving workshop

From R&D to manufacturing, from prototype to finished product, we take care of each process with advanced equipment, precise instruments and rigorous testing system.

Sculpture workshop


Certified Laboratory

We have national and customer certified testing labs, electrical industry experts and rigorous testing system to assure our product quality.
  • Thermostat Detection

  • Controller adjustment

  • Advanced detection equipment

  • Advanced detection equipment

100% Aging Test

Complying with high standards and strict requirements, we adhere to "quality manufacturing" on each testing process and ensure every Edison product is reliable and consistent.
  • Electric valve aging testing

  • Thermostat aging testing

  • Actuators and thermostats aging testing

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