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W81111 Smart Heating Thermostat

Temperature Range: 5℃~35℃
Control Accuracy: ±1℃
Size: 86*86*18mm 
Timing Error: <1%


W81111 Smart Heating Thermostat has appearance is beautiful and elegant, high control accuracy, reliable performance of the industry standard, environmental protection and can apply to different occasions of temperature control, real time and the parameters set by the user are compared, automatically open, close heating equipment, in order to maintain the indoor temperature.


Power Consumption: <1.5W
Timing Error: <1%
Input Voltage: 120VAC~220VAC 50/60Hz
Load current: GA:3A GB:16A
Control Temperature: 5℃~35℃
Control Accuracy: ±1℃
Size: 86*86*18mm 
Installation: Vertical



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