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Safety Valve

Brass body
SUS304 spring
Medium: water
1/2FxF , 1/2FxMpushfit 1/2F
Calibration pressure: 3,4,5,6,8,10bar
Temperature range: -10℃~160


    Safety valve is mainly installed at the inlet of the bolier or water heater, which will automatically open to reduce the inlet water pressure into the boiler or water heater and protect the heating device effectively when the pressure inlet suddenly rises and exceeds the rated pressure.
Technical Specification:
Pressure level: 3bar, 6bar, 8bar, 10bar;
Sealing method: Silicone rubber/ EPDM;
Spec: 1/2 FXM; 1/2 FXF; 1/2FX3/4F, 1/2FXP
Standard complying with: EN1488;

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