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Edison Public Successfully(Stock Code: 837831)

Time: 2016-08-27

Edison Public SuccessfullyStock Code: 837831


Zhuhai Edison Smart Home Co., Ltd. has been successfully and officially listed on The New Third Board in August 1, 2016. (Securities: Edison; Stock Code: 837831).

Edison was founded in September 29, 2006 and mainly focus on the R&D and specialize in manufacture and sales of various control valves, HVAC control equipment and smart home system related products. The products are mainly sold to USA and European market like as United States, UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey and others.

The monthly business income is 73,961,600.00 RMB in 2013; 79,646,800.00 RMB in 2014; 60,933,600.00 RMB in 2015, and the net profit is 11,272,900.00 in 2013; 12,706,600.00 RMB in 2014; 10,039,700.00 RMB in 2015.

In order to meet the long-term development strategy, Edison devote to improve the management level, enhance the brand influence, stability and attract high-end talent, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, so that we will move towards new brilliant!

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