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Exhibition --- ISH China & CIHE

Time: 2016-06-03 / Edit: market department

ISH China & CIHE HVAC  Exhibition opened on May 30, 2016, in Beijing International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Museum)

Edison showed new model TX-937 smart thermostat this year and innovative energy saving intelligent system solutions brilliant debut China ISH & CIHE HVAC Exhibition.

LCD Touch WiFi  Digital Smart Room Thermostat (TX-937-H-W) 2016 New Smart Thermostat , much more sleeker,thinner and fashionable than it's previous.

TX-937-H-W is avalaible for underfloor heating system. It had built in WIFI module which is availble for remote control by cell phone, pad and laptop. Models are with NTC sensor to detect ambiet temperature and do the control by comparison with the setting temperature.

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