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TC-7005 Proportional Integral Thermostat

Input Voltage: AC24V±10% 50/60Hz
Setting Temperature: 
Control Accuracy:±1℃


TC-7005 proportional integral controller is divided into floating and intelligent adjustment type, using the most advanced microcomputer chip, temperature control device to an external NTC sensor detected ambient temperature, real-time work with the user to set the temperature, to adjust the water valve open degree, in order to achieve the effect of constant temperature water air conditioning control.
Voltage:AC24V±10% 50/60Hz
Load: ≤1A
Output: Floating point control signal
Temperature Range:7℃~120℃
Control Accuracy:±1℃
Key lock function, sensor fault alarm
Power off memory function, optional internal and external sensors
24VAC floating point control signal
Input signal control
P, L parameters can be flexibly set
Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature choice

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