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Solar storage-to- boiler thermostatic connection kit


The temperature of the mixed water is set to desired value by means of the the control knob on the thermostatic mixing valve.
The solar storage-to-boiler connection kits automatically control and optimize the thermal energy contained in the solar water storage, ensuring that domestic hot water is distributed throughout the system at a controlled optimum temperature.
They ensure that users always receive hot water at the set temperature and switch the bolier on if the temperature of the water coming from the solar storage falls below the point.
They come complete with a pre-formed shell protective cover.
Thermostatic mixing valve
Medium: drinking water
Max. working pressure: 10 bar(static);
                                 5 bar(dynamic);
Max. inlet temperature: 100;
Adjustment temperature range: 35-55;
Factory set: 43;
Accuracy:  ±2℃;
Max.inlet pressure ratio(H/C or C/H): 2:1
Min. temperature difference between inlet hot water and the out mixed water to ensure anti-scald performace: 10
Min. flow rate for stable operation: 4 l/min

Thermostatic diverter valve
Max.working pressure: 10 bar(static)
                               5 bar(dynamic)

Max. inlet temperature: 100
Factory set: 45
Accuracy: ±2

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