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Pressure Limiting Valve

Technical Specification:
Standard complying with: AS1357.2
Connection spec: DN15(G1/2), DN20(g3/4)
Pressure spec: 350Kpa, 500Kpa, 600Kpa.


    Pressure limiting valve is used in the boiler and other piping systemsto limit the pressure of water flow within a certain range to ensure the piping system rus stably and safely under the controllable pressure range.
    If the pressure of water inlet exceeds 80% of the setting pressure & temperature relief valve, the user must install the pressre limiting valve at the inlet. The channel of the pressure relief musn't be blocked up. It is recommended to release pressure manually once every 6 months to replace the new temperature & pressure relief valve every two years.
Brass body (DZR)
SUS304 spring
G1/2  FxF / Compression connection 15mm
Selectable pressure Settings:
Medium: water
Max inlet pressure: 1600Kpa
Max working temperature: 80
Conform to AS1357.2

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