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2016 China Refrigeration Exhibition In Beijing

Time: 2016-04-12 / Edit: market department

The 2016 China Refrigeration Exhibition In Beijing is successfully ended in April 9, 2016. 

In this Exhibition, Zhuhai Edison Smart Home Co., Ltd made a big changes and comprehensive breakthrough in design, layout, new products release. 

The theme of this exhibition leads you to feel the "energy saving is controllable, smart to create comfortable" so that the whole showroom is hall shine, elegant atmosphere, simple and earn high praises from viewer.
Our company supplied solutions for a new building energy saving intelligent system to 
provide green, healthy and comfortable quality of life as the goal for global user.
The new model TX-937 Smart Heating Thermostat is our key introduction and its design 
is simple and elegant, powerful and can provide comfortable life for user.
Edison always adhere to the innovation of their own point of view and Integrated into 
the product of intimate and thoughtful humanized design, and insist on constantly to 
seek a better solution so that every user can find the most suitable product here.


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